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Education got a new Address

Encouraging Young Minds


Every day is a chance to learn!
PlanetGuru to offer high quality, accessible, innovative and responsive education courses, from highly experienced
and skilled Guru’s to the learners of all ages and help build their strengths, when and where it best serves their


Be a one-stop learning platform where the learner’s search will end for finding a GURU.
Learner who aims to elevate their mind, body and soul can embrace union of innovative technology modes with
specially curated courses, ANYWHERE AND ANYTIME.

About Us

‘Kid tested, mother approved, says all about the conception of this idea!!
To have a thirst of learning something new forever myself, and the wish to instill the same enthusiasm in my two kids,
had left me exploring for opportunities. Thus, the thought of creating a Global e-learning platform became a reality,
where everyone, kids as well as adults, can access, explore and excel at a variety of extra-curricular activities. The
platform offers live and personalized learning from a wide range of courses provided by our qualified GURUS.

Learning is an Ongoing Process 

I started my formal training in Dance (Kathak and Odissi), very late in my life and today I am training many students
globally, with pride. This platform is an attempt to provide everyone an opportunity to drop all their excuses and start
or speed-up their Learning path Today.


– Anjani Synghal (Founder)

Remembering my Beloved Father for Strength and Inspiration Always.